Monday, March 23, 2015

Creating Space for Others

Kerry Washington received an ally award from GLAAD, and her “acceptance” speech was articulate and amazing! It’s an “acceptance” speech, because she is in no way accepting the the status quo and the inequality of our system. She explains that we as “Other” must support each other and that by creating roles in media that portray women, people of color, GLBT, and other marginalized groups, the American media will become more reflective of the American population, in which the norm is uniqueness. Congratulations Ms. Washington!

Kerry Washington accepts ally award at GLAAD

This screenplay has 14 speaking parts, 10 of which are diverse female roles! The moral of this film is that we are stronger together and that by working together, women have the power to the change our society. Some things in this film may make some people uncomfortable, but growth is uncomfortable. I applaud Ms. Washington, and hope that this project will soon be among the proud ranks of art that increases visibility of the marginalized.

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