Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Road

Today’s quote and the one from March 5, are two of five quotes that appear on the wall calendar in the group therapy room in scenes of “The Private Life of an American Mom.”

Sometimes it’s a little tough to keep the faith on this project. I sent letters to over 40 feminist and mental health organizations asking if they would support the project by communicating with their members when the Kickstarter campaign launches. I heard back from one organization. Interestingly, it was the only Silicon Valley organization that I contacted. I haven’t given up, I will be following up with phone calls to most of organizations that received a letter. And I will probably try again when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

The plan for this project is to shoot some sample scenes around Easter and then to use those video clips on the Kickstarter campaign. I will launch the Kickstarter campaign in early May, before Mother’s Day. Then use that holiday to promote the campaign. After the campaign, I will decide what the next steps are… I may seek sponsorship support for some of the many products that families use everyday. Especially coffee, mmm… coffee, Moms live on coffee. During this schedule I will continue to look for a California SF Bay Area indy film production company or local producer. I will still be doing at least two blog posts per week at least through the Kickstarter campaign, and probably until this project is complete. We still have a rough road ahead, I hope to find proof of life for this project soon! I will definitely post the videos here as well. Look for the sample scenes in the second week of April.

Thank you, PLAM blog followers for sticking with me. I have to remind myself every day why I am doing this. I’m doing everything I can to make this movie a reality, because Moms are underappreciated and undervalued in society. Because mental illness is viewed as weakness and those who struggle with it are stigmatized. Because inequality is built in to our family structure by the complete lack of economic support for childcare and home-makers. Because the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing wider everyday and we need to start talking about these issues. I never thought I'd make a movie and do not wish to be a celebrity, but I believe in this project. It has humor and truth to impart.

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