Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle"

Here is an excerpt from “The Private Life of an American Mom.” This scene is the third and final group therapy session. Later in this session and scene Mom, Maria, and Margaret unveil a big reveal about the depths of depression. But for this blog post, let’s look at the classic feminist statement “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” It’s not a predominant part of this scene but the reference is intentional.

I learned more about the history of this aphorism from bigthink.com. Gloria Steinem did not originally coin the phrase, but rather an Australian woman, Irina Dunn, in 1970. I referenced this aphorism intentionally to show respect for the feminist movement. Feminism is undoubtedly one of the big issues that characters in “The Private Life of an American Mom” wrestle with.

I even bought a T-shirt from an Etsy shop that makes unique tee designs with reflective printing on the back for bicycle safety! Thanks darkcycleclothing!

Today's quote came from reclusivedreams

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