Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unexpected Difficulties of Mamahood & an Unexpected Birth

Like many Moms, I struggle with motherhood. Some days I really need a shower and I resent that my basic hygiene comes only after feeding, cleaning, clothing, and even entertaining my children. These articles indicate that I am not alone in this.

The idea for a screenplay started kicking around in my head when I was in the middle of some miserable toddler and baby years. My family has had some bad luck in terms of health and life changes, so things were pretty intense for a few years. When we could finally afford to put the girls in preschool, I started writing. I had to get this story down and out of my head. I wrote “The Private Life of an American Mom” in a couple of months and I was happy with it. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but I was glad to be done with it. I was even more glad that all my misery had been channelled positively into a story that would have broad appeal and challenge cultural norms.

I thought that I would write it and hopefully sell it to someone maybe have enough to start a college fund for each child. I learned it is not so easy to sell a script or even get an agent. And PLAM’s beta readers loved the story, they felt it was their story. More than one person told me I should give up trying to get back into the workforce and pursue making this story into a movie. That’s crazy, and easy for them to say. So my difficulties with motherhood unexpectedly birthed the screenplay “The Private Life of an American Mom.”  And now, here I am, crazy because just like my other babies it doesn’t let me sleep and I’m scared as hell...

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