Monday, February 9, 2015

Writing and Hope

There is so much self-doubt in writing. It is such a difficult job to measure success. Too many days, even when I was productive, I still felt it was a waste of time. I never produced anything or measured any results there was never any satisfaction of a job well done, because, well, the words can always be better. I was always wondering what would happen even when I did finish it. (Hmm still wondering that.) Writing is difficult because there is no validation for your work other than the words you put down, and even if you like them, you still have doubts that anyone else will…  Knowing that other successful screenwriters struggled with self-doubt is somehow encouraging.

On one of the days that I was particularly discouraged, I discovered this pin about Sylvester Stallone. It gave me hope, and I did finish the screenplay. 

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